M95 development board does not work with Qnavigator 1.5

I have M95 development board. But when i tried to send AT+ commands to send data etc in qnavigator 1.5, it does not work. It gives +CME error always. Other URL when try, it gives http socket close error. Can someone help ? ATI command displays : Quectel_Ltd, Quecctel_M95, Revision_M95AR02A03

i try with ATI Command and i got a below response.

<\n>Revision: M95FAR02A02<\r>

can i get latest firmware and upgrade tool of M95 module.

I’m sorry to reply you so late.
If you want to use HTTP functionality, you need to make sure that the module is registered on the network.You can send us the detailed steps and error reporting information and we can check it for you.