M66fa-04-stdn and M66FB-03-std difference and problems

Hello every one , we are facing a problem in finding the firmware for the M66FB-03-std module. Could you please send me the firmware for this module?

Initially, we were using the m66fa-04-stdn, and everything was working fine. However, the supplier sent us the M66FB-03-std module, and when we soldered it in place of the m66fa-04-stdn, it didn’t work. We tested for a short circuit and found that in the M66FB-03-std, the antenna pin and ground are short-circuited. We suspect that this might be the issue, so we’ve tried various solutions without success.

Currently, we are attempting to upgrade the firmware for the M66FB-03-std module. While searching in the forum, we found the firmware for the m66fa-04-stdn. Any assistance would be appreciated. If the problem does not stem from the firmware, could it be a hardware issue? Are there any differences in the connection schematic between these two modules?

Thank you.

m66fa-04-std uses 4Mflash, while M66FB-03-std uses 3Mflash. The two belong to different baselines, so there is a lot of gap. I will send you the firmware of M66FB-03-std by private email

I am using the Quectel M66-FB-04 STD MPM23GQ07009923 Module. I wrongly flashed the default firmware of the M66 FA to this module. Can you send me the latest default firmware for M66-FB-04 to this email: prakashsacp@gmail.com?

Sorry, the forum does not allow sending firmware now, you may need to contact our local fae to obtain firmware