M66 UART Communication Carriage return

hello sir,
i am communication between mcu to quctel m66 with using UART Communication .when i an sending AT cmd to gsm module and gsm responding data + carriage return i.e-

[TX]- AT
[RX]- OK

How to remove carriage return & which cmd are use for that.

thank you,

Dear Sudhir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Sorry that cannot remove the carriage return. Thanks!

Hello kyson,

    I am trying to communicate MCU to Quectel M66 using UART. I

send AT cmd to M66 module.
Response format: + data + i.e-

[TX]- { [AT]<CR }

[RX]- { [<CR<LF OK <CR<LF] }

  I am getting carriage return before and after data. I want to read the <carriage Return><Line Feed> at end of data. 

The problem is, I am not able to read this. Please suggest me how to read after data.
My Code snippet:

int main ( void )
char messageStart[] = “AT\r\n”;
char receiveBuffer[50] = {};
char data = 0;
char check[2]={‘O’,‘K’};
uint16_t rxCounter=0;

while ( true )
  SERCOM5_USART_Write(&messageStart[0], sizeof(messageStart)); // tx data
    if(SERCOM5_USART_ReceiverIsReady() == true)
            SERCOM5_USART_Read(&data, 1);  //rx data
            receiveBuffer[rxCounter++] = data;

            if((data == '\n') || (data == '\r') || (data == '\0'))     // I want to check CR and LF here. But, its not working
                    if( receiveBuffer[i] == check[0])  // check o char
                        if( receiveBuffer[i+1] == check[1])  // check k char
                            printf ("toggle on/off \n");
                            memset(&receiveBuffer, 0, sizeof(receiveBuffer));
                            rxCounter = 0; 


Kindly, guide me and let me know, where I am doing wrong? Is it my code issue or something from Quectel.

thank you,

Sudhir Khairnar