M66 - problem with send long SMS (>160 characters) in MTS network - https://www.mts.am


my device which has M66 will not send SMS over 160 characters with sim card from armenian network https://www.mts.am. Device works in Armenia. I use standard command - AT+CMGS. Device works with no problem in Poland.

Could You help me ?

Hi Ice_m:
Could you please provide the specific AT log?

Hi , I don’t understand - what specific AT log ? Maybe is there some char from ASCII, than after send this character other characters aren’t be use in message content ?

Does this mean that an error will be reported when sending SMS? You can send us screenshots of all AT commands you execute.

Hi, I understand,I make AT list which are send after power on . I can’t get device to check it, (I live in Poland), even I get it, I need make test in Armenia , not in Poland, but it is impossible ;). , so there is a problem. If I can get it, I can make any test.

It is recommended that you can ask someone from Poland to contact our local technical support directly.

Hi, technical support in Poland will tell me that I need read datasheet etc ;). They will not help me in this case :).
I will make AT list before Friday in this week, If You could help me I’ll be really happy.

Hi, AT command:

AT+CMGS… -> there is data (max. 702 characters) ASCII characters

Is it normal for the module to send 160 bytes of SMS use those AT commands?What error is reported when sending SMS using at+cgms?In general,The module can send a maximum of 160 bytes of a single SMS message.

Hi, You haven’t right - I can send by one AT+CMGS command more than 160 characters. There are information about it in some SMS datasheet which is available in Qucetel. For example I send 702 characters by use one AT+CMGS command - in Poland. This works in other UE country too. It is first time, where is a problem with that. Module works normal - send information for example about send status, deliver , problem with network etc.

Hi Ice_m:
Please contact support@quectel.com for more help.This problem may need grab logs for R&D to analysis.

I did it a few days ago. They gave me information what I knew - network support long sms or not ;).