M66 OpenCpu TCP-client and server

I want to create a tcp server and client on m66. By default, the device should work as a server, but sometimes when it is required to connect to another server as a client . Hoü can i implement this in quectel Open CPU with timers or subtasks. When i try, it only do main task and not switch to tcp client subtask. Pls help me with this issue. Im beginner in opencpu(((

Dear Asif_Ganbayev

May I ask which SDK version and module model are you using?

Modules are not recommended as servers.The IP address cannot be fixed.Please use the module as a client directly.

thanks for your reply. Im using M66 OpenCpu SDK version 3.7 . What do you mean cannot be fixed? is that right for m2m numbers too ?

@Grey.Tu-Q in simple situation how can i implement 2 tasks, where 1 task will be always server or doing some default work , second task will be work as some event.

Dear Asif_Ganbayev

I’m very sorry, my English is not very good, maybe you misunderstood.I mean modules are not suitable for use as servers.