M66 module SIM CARD Not Insert error(+CME ERROR: 10)

Hello to everyone,
İ am used m66 module for my design. But I have a problem.
m66 module good responds to AT commands but respond sim card not insert error:


i checked sim card vdd voltage. i measured 1.8v for a short time and all time measured 0v.
soldered 4 PCB but only 1 PCB run other 3 PCB have same problem.
My test of sending sms with the working card was successful and Calls Success.
What is the problem. can you help?

Thank you everyone,

My Circuit:

Hello to everyone,
i fixed my problem
problem is pcb footprint sizes. long footprint pads connect module test pads.
thank you.

Hi enis:
I’m glad to hear that this problem has been solved :smiley:
Wish you all the best!