M66 Module Initialization

Do you have an application note that concisely shows the recommended initialization sequence for the M66 modem? Both hardware and software (AT Commands)

E.g for the hardware:

  1. After power applied toggle PWR_KEY for at least 1 sec.
  2. Modem will start to respond to AT commands after 5 secs
    For the software:
  3. Following is the minimum AT command sequence:
  4. verify connected to GSM network via AT+CREG=2
  5. Verify SIM unlocked AT+CPIN?
  6. If using SMS format the SMS via AT+CNMI
  7. AT+CMGF
  8. Verify signal strength AT+CSQ
  9. Verify voltage and temperature regularly AT+CBC and AT+
  10. TCIP Sequence
  11. etc.

The idea is to ensure the minimum commands are sent.

This came up since I was unaware of CPIN when using the M95 module and it is mentioned to be an essential command. I dont want to miss anything basic


You can search for the document you want at the following URL:

Hi Winnie,
Thanks for the response, however I am unable to find any such document. Do you have such an Application Note? If so please share here.

You can download it from the link below(The document is too large to be passed directly to you):