M66/MC60 MQTT NVRAM Settings


Is it possible to save MQTT server and username & password to NVRAM to avoid having to pass these details over clear text on the UART. The point is to hide these credentials from man in the middle reading on the UART port, server user and password

This would apply to AT+QMTOPEN as well as AT+QMTCONN



It is currently not possible to save these parameters to NVRAM.

Hi @Winnie.Xi-Q, thanks for the reply, it would really be a wonderful feature if the server, user and password may be stored in NVRAM and not able to be queried (only written)

Please may I make this suggestion to add in your next firmware release. Sometimes it is so important to hide these details from man-in-the-middle attack.

perhaps if details are stored in NVRAM (AT&W perhaps)

“AT+QMTOPEN=0” can open the server and port stored in nvram
“AT+QMTCONN=0,“mosquitto”” can connect with user/pass in nvram

We are a good and loyal customer, please please help us realize this feature.

Thank you in advance

Hi Xarion:
The username and password could not be queried.

About your suggestions, I will give feedback to the R&D.If you need to customize this feature,please contact support@quectel.com.