M66 I2c interface with i2c eeprom not ebel to write eeprom

I am working on monitoring system and I want to store data into external EEPROM but using i2c inbulid function of open CPU I can abel to read-only . can any one send me link of sample program or suggest me an example. I am using microchip 24LC512 for my project

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Dear sir,
You can check the sdk package of M66 firmware, which already have the IIC example code. Thanks!

I already implemented using that example but writing particular addressed memory location not possible with present code if you already have done any EEPROM i2c memory from microchip please give me the link
of your example code

Dear Sir,
Just as i said that we already provide the sample code of IIC in M66 SDK package. Please check it. Thanks!


Thank you for reply I am using old SDK I try your suggestion

Do you done interfacing M66 IIC with EEPROM.?
Can you please help regarding API sequence for write data to particular address of EEPROM?
Slave address of EEPROM is 0x0A