M66 GPRS detach

I have a TCP server port open, but afer about 1 hour without communicating I receive +CGEV: NW DEACT “IP”,“xxx.xx.xx.xxx”. Can you tell me how to exactly handle this situation (AT command sequence).

Thank you!

Hi ,

As service provider gives IP from his scarce resources , if there is no data communication on socket for some time then they do deactivate PDP from there side automatic .

you can keep sending the Hertbeat ( small data) to keep it alive .

Thank you

Hello Ratan,

I already verifiy that even if you send data every 2 minutes, approximately after 30 hours we would get +CGEV: NW DEACT. So my question is, can you give me the AT command sequence how to attach GPRS again. I already tried with AT+QIACT, but the module would send ERROR.

Thank you!

Hi ,

you can try to deactivate and Activate Again .

use command AT+QIDEACT

and then use AT+QIREGAPP and AT+QIACT .
If that is also not working for your service provider then you can make it re-register with AT+CFUN=0 and AT+CFUN=1 or even reset the module if your application permits .