M66 DTMF detection


I am using M66 for DTMF detection during phone call. After each connection establishing (e.g. with ATD+xx123456; or RING->ATA), I activate Mic. Lspk. and DTMF detection with AT+QMIC=0,1;+CLVL=80;+QTONEDET=1; respectively AT+QMIC=0,1;+CLVL=80;+QTONEDET=1;+CLCC;

In most cases (about 19 of 20) DTMF detection works very well, +QTONEDET: xx comes.

Rarely, in one of 20 cases, or 1 of 30 cases (erratically), +QTONEDET: xx does not comes.

This state continuous until call ends. With new call is all well again, until sometime, at this failure repeats. Described behavior is with FW: M66FAR01A12BT. With M66FAR02A07BT is behavior the same, additionally M66 make reset and restarts.

On the end of each call, I deactivate Mic. Lspk. and DTMF detection with AT+QMIC=0,0;+CLVL=0;+QTONEDET=0;

Can somebody help me with this issue? Am I doing something wrong in my code, or is this already known?

Can you, please, send me download link to M66FAR01A12BT, I will try to downgrade my M66 development system?

Thank you in advice.

I want to confirm with you about the specific problem:
1.How did you send the DTMF tone?
2.Is the call set up between two modules?
3.Are the undetectable DTMF tones fixed or random?
4.Could you please send us the detailed procedures of the operation?

1.) DTMF tone was send with iPhone manually or with fixed line ISDN network (Asterisk program). There is no difference in behavior on that, which side originates the call (M66 Module or iPhone, respectively ISDN device).
2.) No, is not.
3.) Basically, there are no undetectable single tones in one call. If in particularly call +QTONEDET: xx comes (it happens in the most calls) DTMF detection is excellent during this particularly call and there are no false detected tones. If in particularly call +QTONEDET: xx not comes (no one comes, it happens in the rare cases, 1 of 20, 1 of 30 calls), then there is no one DTMF detection in this particularly call. To get DTMF detection again it is necessary to end this call, and make a new one (M66FAR01A12BT). With M66FAR02A07BT additionally M66 make reset and restarts. Our FW must wait on module Restart to make new call again.
4.) Our application is IoT remotely alarms call system and we send alarm codes thru DTMF tones. Requirement is that each call can report an alarm. It happens in the most calls, but 1 of 30 calls is not functionally, and that is for us a safety issue.

After local testing, I did not reproduce the problem.This problem needs to be analyzed by our R&D.You can contact your local FAE or the agency to give a ticket to us.
Or you need to tell me your city, the company name, the SIM card operator you use and you’d better also use the catcher tool to grab the log to us.