M66-DS sdk and documentation


m66-ds sdk and documentations are non accessible via following page:
please provide sdk files and documents for this module.


Dear Ahmad_Khalil

May I ask who provides you with the download interface? Do you have contact information? Thank you.

hello grey
I just searched for SDK files for m66-DS and I found mentioned page. But I get 404 error when try to download them.
download links for m66 and mc60 modules works fine but it seems that M66-DS files are not available. If it’s possible please fix download links or send correct links to my email.
thank you

hello grey
is there any update about this issue?

Dear Ahmad_Khalil

Here is the download link for the M66-DS_SDK. Is it what you need?

Thank you grey
This is what I was looking for it
Is this the latest version of SDK?

Dear Ahmad_Khalil
Yes, this is the latest version.