M66 connection MQTT Issue

Hello! I was trying to make a connection to the awsmqtt server using M66 but the module stucks after AT+QILOCIP command. I followed the AT commands according to the document. The M66 firmware version is M66FAR02A06BT. Any idea what it might be?
[2023-08-23_10:50:52:773]OpenCPU: Customer Application
[2023-08-23_10:50:52:773]<-- RIL is ready →
[2023-08-23_10:50:52:835]<-- GSM Network Status:2 →
[2023-08-23_10:50:52:835]<-- GPRS Network Status:0 →
[2023-08-23_10:50:53:846]<-- CFUN Status:1 →
[2023-08-23_10:50:54:831]<-- SIM Card Status:1 →
[2023-08-23_10:50:54:831]<-- GPRS Network Status:2 →
[2023-08-23_10:51:01:574]<-- GSM Network Status:1 →
[2023-08-23_10:51:05:506]<-- GPRS Network Status:1 →
[2023-08-23_10:51:08:712]<-- Sys Init Status 2 →
[2023-08-23_10:51:10:643]<-- Sys Init Status 3 →
[2023-08-23_10:51:16:437]+CPIN: READY

[2023-08-23_10:51:16:437]<-- SIM Card Status:1 →
[2023-08-23_10:51:16:528]+CREG: 1,1

[2023-08-23_10:51:17:756]+QICSGP: 1


I observed that you use standard at in the open sdk environment, which will bring some unknown problems, please only burn the standard firmware and test with the AT command

Thank You so much for your response vincent.ding-Q