M66 AT+QLOCKF Lock GSM Frequency command


can I lock M66 module to use all 900MHz channels
by AT+QLOCKF command.

I want to achieve the moduel doesn’t use 1800 band


Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
If you want to lock band, you can use AT+QBAND not AT+QLOCKF command. I think this command can meet your requirement. Thanks!

Thank you!

I see in doc. for <op_band> options:


I don’t see any 1800 option, so what parameter is the one I need to use?
("GSM850_EGSM_DCS_PCS_MODE MODE” looks like default)

Dear Sir,
If you just want to lock 1800MHz band, you can lock to DCS_Mode. Thanks!
By the way, EGSM stands for 900MHz, DCS stands for 1800MHz, PCS stands for 1900MHz. Thanks!