M66 "AT+QHTTPGET" no answer


I’m trying to get help about a problem I have since some years ago… always turning around just restarting M66 when it happens.

Now it seems that lastly this problem is more frequent so I attach a log of AT commands between MCU and M66, hoping someone tells me what could be the problem.

The problem here explained in few words, and documented in the log file (see link below), is:

Periodically MCU needs to send some amount of data to a remote server using HTTP protocol.

Each session is made of “one” up to “N” sequencies of transmission, each one based on the sequence here shown:








Pls notice that “AT+QHTTPGET” command normally sends back “OK” answer.

Sometimes, as you can see on last sequence of log file (link below), AT+QHTTPGET does not send back any answer, even using up to 60 seconds of timeout on that command.

Afterwards even sending subsequent commands AT+QIDEACT, AT+CSQ, AT+QPOWD=0 I don’t get any answer!

Please take a look to the command sequence : https://www.asn2.eu/M66%20HTTPGET%20HELP.pdf
Thanks a lot.

please help us solving this problem!

you know , HTTP protocol is built on TCP protocol

when you setup one http session , one session id ,one session thread will be managed by OS , the numbers of session is limited

so before you setup the next htttp connection session , pls confirm the last httpget has been done
via URC like below :slight_smile:

At first, thank you for your attenction .
… What do you mean for “URC” ?

Dear, thanks for your reply! I understand that something is not correct in my flow…
But please notice that M66 hangs up even during the first sequence: before I send, AT-+QHTTPREAD command, as you can see on the linked pdf, and here below:
16:41:41.976 [COM2] - AT+QIFGCNT=0
16:41:41.986 [COM1] - OK
16:41:42.087 [COM2] - AT+QICSGP=1,“ibox.tim.it”
16:41:42.107 [COM1] - OK
16:41:42.499 [COM2] - AT+QHTTPURL=191,30
16:41:42.514 [COM1] - CONNECT
16:41:42.608 [COM2] ->999>00000000>00CC>0101010000>-100>15884@44.387741>7.560196>0>00DC>2112281534>2147483648@44.387706>7.560378>4>00DC>2112281534>2147483648 16:41:42.711 [COM1] - OK
16:41:42.743 [COM2] - AT+QHTTPGET=10
here M66 hangs up!!!

Thanks again
BR Luigi

Please, hepl … .