M35AR01A30 At command issues for ICCID and USSD

I have M35 modem when I try to read the ICCID it get this error :

AT+ICCID$ unknown

and with USSD, the same issue ;AT+CUSD=1,“*132#”,15$ unknown

here are more details :
AT+CGMR$ OK — [“Revision: M35AR01A30”]

AT+CGSN$ OK — [“862106022366035”]

could you please help?

any update about this topic please ?

Please try AT+CRSM=176,12258,0,0,10 to read the ICCID.

You should get a result (encoded) if the SIM can be read. Decoding involves swapping digits in pairs.

Eg, 1234567890 encodes as 2143658709.

What does AT+CUSD=? return?