M35 MQTT functionality

GSM MQTT Application Note
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It says that the MQTT function supported by the M35 module is under development.

My Modem
Revision: M35AR01A35

Trying to update to M35AR01A36 in the hope for support Mqtt
Getting error
FAIL, Flash ID illegal [0x00EF 0x0040 0x0015 0x0000]-(0x001540EF)

Don’t Know if M35AR01A36 has MQTT Support

Hi Domonap:
M35AR01A36 does not support MQTT.

Ok is there a version of firmware that supports MQTT on M35

Is possible to have MQTT on M35. Maybe you have new firmware or OpenCpu support?

On the brochure, it says that the M35 supports protocol SSL and MQTT. My Modem does not support them and I wonder if the brochure has incorrect information, or do I have old firmware.
My Firmware is kind of new “M35AR01A35” and if you say that “M35AR01A36” which is the newest firmware does not support MQTT then the question is what firmware does
support MQTT that you advertising in you’re brochure.

I mean I checked the brochure before ordering the modem, now I don’t know how to trust it.

Hi Domonap:
The M35 does not support MQTT.You can contact the agent to change the module.

Are there any plans to introduce MQTT in M35?
The thing that we have hundreds of this M35 embedded on our device, so it is not so
easy to change the module at demand.

Hi Domonap:
There are no plans for an update.

Is there any SDK for M35. So that we can implement MQTT on our own.

Hi Domonap:
This feature is currently unavailable.

Could you please help to provide the m35ar01a35 open sdk?