M26FB OpenCPU availability

is OpenCPU SKD available for M26FB?

Dear hossein_gholami

Did you ask whether M26FB supports OPEN development?

If so, the answer is yes.

I mean does it have some things like this one?
which has available for M66R1(FA) GSM/GPRS M66 | Quectel.

Please find

I check that and doesn’t write on the module!!

my module:

I compile an example.

I try to program with QFlash_V.4.0
but I got this error:
[36], BootROM start command passed, but target has no response until timeout

what should I do?

i also check with M26FA and got the same error

and after the programming, I don’t have access to the at commands of the board anymore!

uart is used from OpenCPU APP

upload “basic” application with APP_DISABLE … see config files

static const ST_AppEnable appEnableCfg = { APP_ENABLE … DISABLE};

my main problem is I can’t upload any application in the module!
I got this error :
FAIL, META_ConnectWithTarget_r, [36], BootROM start command passed, but target has no response until timeout


and after this error had occurred I did not even have access to AT commands - this means that my module is completely useless! it did not understand AT commands and did not upload code.
I check both the M26FA and M26FB module!

do you know why this error happened?!

is there a core program available for the M26FA module?
like M26FAR03A06_TTS.zip--专业分享IT编程学习资源 - 只为小站
I don’t have access to WeChat to buy this one!