M26 same as M66 ? Can we use M26 in USA and Europe

We are going to design our system based on Quectel 2G modem M26. M26 and M66 both shares same frequencies 850/900/1800/1900MHz. But in Region it is stated that M26 is for China and M66 is for Global. My question is as both modem have same frequencies can we use M26 in our application and it will work worldwide ?

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forums.
As you know that M26 is designed for China domestic marketing. If you want to used in worldwide, please choose M66, not M26. Although M26 and M66 have the same modem and frequency, but the hardware have a little different, the UART port RX and TX is in the opposite pin, and the certificate also different. M66 have many oversea certificate, but M26 just have the certificate of China. So please note the above difference and choose M66 in your application. Thanks!

So this mean that M26 will also work in USA and Europe just it don’t have required certification to be used globally ?

Dear Sir,
If you do not care about the certificate, and the module can support frequency which used in USA and Europe, of course you can use it. Thanks!