M26 always transmits


I am trying to connect to my M26 gsm module using serial port. I am using an UART-USB connector. Everything with the connection seems okay but I cannot transmit any command because the gsm module keeps on transmitting data back to me. It simply does not let me send anything (at commands), instead, it is pretty talkative :slight_smile:

The question is: How can I switch M26 to listening mode instead of that talkative mode?

Hi Ergun,

When you turn on the module, UART interface will be active and the module can receive AT commands and reply all commands. There is no need to activate the listening mode. If you cannot get any response from the module, there may be a hardware problem or software.
The IO voltage level of UART is 2.8V so first please check your UART interface design or check UART_USB converter is suitable for 2.8V or not.

Please check the AT command syntax.
The β€œAT” or β€œat” prefix must be set at the beginning of each command line. To terminate a command line enter . Commands are usually followed by a response that includes β€œβ€. Throughout this document, only the responses are presented, β€œβ€ are omitted intentionally.

Ergun bey merhaba. Bende de m26 modul var. Seri port program ile laptopumla iletisim saglayamiyorum. Δ°sin icinden cikamadim.Bana yardim ederseniz minnettar kalirim. Mesajimi gordugunuzde bana yazarsaniz cok sevinirim.