LTE via EC25-E with a telefonica o2 Germany SIM card on FreeBSD using ppp(8)

Hi all,

I am fairly new to this. I managed to use AT commands via FreeBSD’s cu(1) on a EC25-E module. For example, I could confirm that the right network is available. I was wondering if somebody has a known good ppp.conf LTE configuration for FreeBSD’s ppp(8) when a telefonica o2 Germany SIM card is in use. I deactivated the PIN already.

If not, can someone point me to a structured approach how to find this out myself?

I know that telefonica o2 Germany uses “internet” for the APN, I think both IP and IPV4V6 are working, PAP is used for authentication (no user and no password is necessary), APN type is “default,supl” but I don’t know where or how I would configure the APN type (do I use AT commands for the APN type configuration?).

Can somebody help me to establish an LTE connection?


What makes you use PPP?
I know that support for mobile broadband in FreeBSD was an issue for years, but don’t they support something simple like cdc_ether ?

Regardless of what you use on the host system, just connect to the modem from a dumb terminal and configure your APN with AT+CGDCONT

What makes you use PPP?

I’m fairly new to this and thought PPP is the way to go (on FreeBSD as it is mentioned in the man pages of FreeBSD’s u3g driver that supports the Quectel module). My goal is to start my FreeBSD device and have the LTE connection auto-started to get internet access (like via an appropriately configured LAN port). For testing purposes I would like to ping an IP address of mine via the LTE connection when starting the FreeBSD device to check that my configuration works.

I made progress using AT+CGDCONT (the ppp logs showed that data was transmitted) but I did not reach a state where I confidently knew what I was doing or what was happening.

I’m familiar with Ethernet networking and the corresponding protocols in use. But I don’t have that knowledge yet when it comes to LTE or GSM.

Any advice what to read to get an understanding is highly appreciated.