LTE EC25EAF Module install and configure in the router gemtek WLTQS-103

i have airtel Out door unit its gemtek device now can i install EC25 module on it and LTE not detected Please help

Do you mean that the module is not detected? You can install the driver.
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I know this is old thread but putting this here so that any google search will know this. I had the GEMTEK WLTQS-103 ODU unit which only worked with one service provider ie AIRTEL in my country. I wanted to explore to have the ODU work for other SIM/cellular services. Thus I looked for an LTE Cat4 mini PCIe Module to install by removing the SEQUANS module inside the ODU. I got hands on a QUECTEL EC25-E module and tried installing it on the Gemtek ODU which did not read it at all and the worst part is that it got damaged because it was installed on the ODU. Though the EC25-E module shares the same specification of LTE MiniPCIE Cat4 of the Sequans Module but still got damaged. It no more was working a i checked on USB to PCIE adapter on computer but EC25 did not read at all.

PS: EC25-E was working perfectly fine before installing on the Gemtek ODU.But got damaged after putting it on the ODU.