LTE Connection instability, need correct Android 5.x Driver

Hello from Brazil
I’m soft/hardware engineer and working to support and develop more than one hundred modules EC25AUGCR06A02M1G running 24/7 on RK312x based board with Android 5.1.1 API 22, now i have installed “Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_V3.3.35-android11” as i checked with $ getprop | grep gsm.
My trouble is that connection link are not stable, connect and disconnect periodical.
Some logs a catch are:

  • “SETUP_DATA_CA( 177): !!!PPP link is disconnected after sleep mode”
  • “D/ConnectivityService: NetTransition Wakelock (NetworkAgentInfo [MOBILE (LTE) - 158] cleared because we found a replacement network”
  • “D/ConnectivityService: NetworkAgentInfo [MOBILE (LTE) - 160] EVENT_NETWORK_INFO_CHANGED, going from CONNECTED to DISCONNECTED”

Please can you send-me a correct driver for Android 5.x and all other documentation files to support my development.



Ok, I will send a newer RIL driver to you via email.

Thanks so much your attention

Best regards
Tales Amorim