LTE Cell (PCI) Locking on EC25

I am testing configurations and documenting them so we can be reliable with our use of the EC25. I’m currently working with the EC25-AF and EC25-A (Although my EC25-A samples have older firmware so QNWLOCK commands don’t work yet).

I understand this needs to be set first, so I did:


I have been attempting to get LTE cell locking to work. I know I should be trying to use AT+QNWLOCK=“common/lte”,… but when I query the command, it only shows “common/4g” like this:

+QNWLOCK: "common/4g",<num of cells>,[[<freq>,<pci>],...]

If I attempt to run any command related to “common/lte” I just receive an error:


Now, the PCI lock with the /4g command does actually work, but I am concerned that it is not intended to work or that it may be working incorrectly.

What may I be missing here?

[I was working in another thread, but due to my new account status was limited in replies so I started a new specific topic. The other thead is here Lock on a specific ARFCN in EC25 but is not necessarily the same.]

Dear Uberdome,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
If it returns error information, which means that this firmware can not support such command, you need to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. You can send email to to get the latest firmware package and upgrade tool. Thanks!
By the way, common/4g is old command, which may have issues when use it, so we recommend customer to use the latest common/lte command. Please note that the two commands are all internal command, not public command. If you meet any issue when testing, you can send the above email to get support from local FAE. Thanks!