LTE-A module and SIM card slot

Hello Everyone,
I am skilled in Linux administration and I used to deal with an Alix board with OpenWRT and an USB Huawei LTE Modem.
I need to change my setup for an APU1D board with OpenWRT and I need a new LTE modem with carrier aggregation capabilities. Last context element: I live in France.

Well, before to purchase an EM-12 card, I need to understand how to deal with SIM card. The existing slot on the APU1D board is only usable from the MINI PCIE extension slot. The EM-12 card is M.2 card. So what can I do ?

  1. Purshase a SIM slot monted on a PCB extension card ? I didn’t found one in the online shop
  2. Use a built_in case that include M.2 slot for the modem, the SIM slot and a converter to plug the case in the USB port of the APU ?
  3. Use a M.2 to MINI PCIE extension
  4. Other ?

Thank you for your help.

Assuming you have enough space (especially in height) you can buy M.2 (NGFF) to PCIE adapter with or without SIM. Just make sure the adapter is suitable for modems.
Alternatively you can use the external enclosure with USB, M.2, SIM and external power.
Do not buy EM12 before you read about the issues people facing with this model.

Thank you very much for your answer. Ok for the enclosure or the adapter, I have understood.
I wasn’t aware about EM12 problems. Do you have another model to recommend that support 3CA ?

If you want to use Quectel, then you’re probably limited to EM12, EM120 and EM160, that is just from their product catalogue, I have no personal experience with these. Additionally you can look for their [more expensive] 5G models.
If 2xCA is enough, then EP06 is the right choice.

In fact, I jut need a LTE module that will be able to take advantage of the 4 bands of my ISP, so I hope an 3CA compliant device. The module can be mini pcie or M.2 ou USB and it must be compliant with OpenWRT. I can use another manufacturer than Quectel.

Check what is available - bands, bandwidths, etc - at your precise location, use another modem, smartphone and/or