Looking for specific MCC MNC

Hi. My name is Jorge, and I’am actuallyu working at Sayme Corp, Cantabria (Spain)
We have a Business Opportunity, with a Hong-Kong Client, and we want to do
some test on Narrow Band IoT Network, specificly with 3 HK. 3 Hong Kong is operated by [Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong], a subsidiary of [CK Hutchison].

The only problem that we haven´t resolved yet is that we don´t know the MCC + MNC of
3 Hong Kong [Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong], [CK Hutchison].

Could anyone answer my question?

PD: we have few time to release a firwmare

Best regards.


Dear Jorge,

As far as I know they have 454 03, 454 04, 454 05 and 454 14

Why do you need it? Correct APN should be sufficient.

All the best:


Hola Jorge,

you can see it in online databases as https://www.mcc-mnc.com/
but i recommend to read it from your SIM Card using a modem and a couple of AT commands or with an Android smartphone and an app.

sometimes M2M SIM Cards are different as consumer SIMs, for example Global SIM with MCC=901.

In my devices I implement a small database with MCCMNC to APN pairs. At power-up, i read the MCCMNC from SIM card and look for the potential APNs to use.

To build the db and keep it updated I use android sources at:

saludos desde San Sebastian.

Dear All,
The following link is the worldwide operator APN information which contains MCC+MNC, please check it. Hopefully it is useful to you. Thanks!