Looking for MNC and MCC code || BG95-M3 module

Hey Team,

I have a query regarding the MNC code and MCC code.

I am using command AT+COPS? for getting MNC and MCC by using this I am selecting the APN.

As I am using multiple sim of airtel sim so I have observed that in few sim I am getting AT+COPS? response is:
I am firing only AT+COPS? command for get this.

1- COPS: 0,0,“airtel airtel”,0

2- COPS: 0,0,“404 10 airtel”,0.

My expectations is need to get in numeric only not i alphanumeric.

So I am not sure why I am not getting numeric number as MCC and MNC.

AT+QENG=“servingcell” ?

Hi Shashank,

to get numeric format you have to use AT+COPS=3,2 first.


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Thank you Reinhard.