Looking for a command to get antenna connection for BG95-M3

Hi experts.
I’m trying to find if there´s a way to get the name of my connection supplier for my LTE connection.
That is, once I’m connected with CREG, I´ld like to know what antenna am I using for this connection.
Is there an AT command wich can give me this info?

You can use AT+COPS? And AT+COPS=? Example Query the corresponding connection supplier.

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Hi tabor.tang-Q
I already used “AT+COPS=?”, but it only returns network specifications, not antenna connections, as well.
I would like to know if there´s a command which can return which antenna am I connected to.

I don’t understand what you mean. The BG95 module includes a main antenna interface and a GNSS antenna interface. Network signals use the main antenna.