Long fix time after standby mode on L80R GPS


I am using the Quecte L80R GPS module in a low power application. After sending the “$PMTK161,0*28 standby command, the module enters low power mode until it is awaken by sending one byte over serial after 1 minute. The standby mode works as intended, but the problem I am having is with the fix time. The hardware design guide states that using standby mode keeps ephemeris data to produce a fast location fix, but I am obtaining fix times of 1-2 minutes after each wakeup from standby. I am conducting this test in an open area with no obstructions to the sky, and can rarely get a fix time less than one minute. The v_bckp is connected to 3.3V stable source at all times as well. Is there something I am doing wrong regarding standby mode? How can I achieve a faster fix time after wake up from low power mode? Please provide some insight if you have used this power mode on the L80R.

Thank you

Sorry for the late reply.
From your description, there is no problem with the operation.
Does the problem still exist? If it is, please help save the test log and send it to us.

Thank you!