Logs of MS <--> communication

Hello Everyone,

I am starting to set up some applications with Sixfab Core, having Quectel EC25 module.
My applications are more turned to testing and validations, and, as such, it would mean a lot to me to have access to as many logs as i can.
Does anyone knows if it is possible to have access to the logs of the exchanged information between Mobile Station and Network?

Thank you so much,
Jelson G.

Hi @Jelson_Goncalves
If it is used on the Windows platform, you can use the QWINLOG tool to capture the interaction logs with the network. If it is a Linux system, you can use the QLOG tool to capture the logs. However, the log cannot be viewed in real time. You need to use the designated tool to view it after the capture is completed. The tool for viewing the log requires a license.