Log messages between the RM 521 UE and 5G base station

Recently we bought the RM 521 module to connect it to our 5G gNB. We would like to access the advanced log tool to read layer 1, 2, and 3 message exchanges between the gNB and the UE. I know there are tools like QXDM which need a license, but I am looking for something that is open source or a tool that is provided by Quectel.

Many thanks in advance

Dear @otim_timothy
Sorry about this, this log need to be parsed via QXDM tool. Quectel didn’t have other open source for this.

Thanks for your reply.

However, I have extra concerns about the Quectel module 5G RM 521F-GL as a UE for positioning with the 5G base station. The concerns are as follows:

  1. If the module supports LPP protocol
  2. If module supports RRC and NAS protocols in the control plane
  3. If the code implemented for these protocols is open source i.e., can be modified
  4. If it is possible to read in the code the physical layer signals such as the Positioning Reference Signal (PRS)
  5. Cost of the QXDM or any other tool that we may need for questions 1-4