Location tracking - BG95, LTE stops communicating

I’m trying to add location tracking abilities to a project I have working on BG95-M2 QuecOpen.

It seems that after I call qapi_Loc_Start_Tracking, the device stops being able to communicate over LTE. If a data call wasn’t connected, it becomes unable to make a connection. If one was connected, my sockets stop sending/receiving data.

Is there something I’m missing here? The documentation says nothing about Location services inhibiting LTE.

As far as I know, the BG95 shares the LNA between cell and GNSS - they cannot run concurrently. If cell is in eDRX then GNSS will work during those intervals, but you cannot communicate whilst tracking.

This was one of the cost optimizations from BG96->BG95. If you want concurrent GPS, use the BG96.

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This may be helpful to resolve your issue