Location Accuracy?

We are seeing some confusing results from the GNSS function of the BG96.

We are activating the GNSS with AT+QGPS=1,30,10,0,1, and then polling for a location with AT+QGPSLOC=1

So far so good, but we then get a location fix that is off by 10-30 miles, even though the HDOP is < 1.

+QGPSLOC: 000025.0,3723.729324,N,12206.134491,W,0.9,45.0,2,35.33,0.0,0.0,201119,07

What am I missing here?

I found the problem, we weren’t correctly parsing the NMEA-style DDMM.MMMMMMM location strings.

Hi Zandr,
Thank you for your sharing, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.