Loading Verizon LwM2M configuration folder into BG95-M3 using AT commands


I want to load Verizon LwM2M configuration folder into BG95-M3 using AT commands. As I don’t have USB port to load it using QPST tool so I have already upgraded FW of BG95-M3 to BG95M3LAR02A03_01.011.01.011 to support AT commands for it but I don’t know sequence of AT commands to load configuration folder. Can I get any guideline for same?

Bipin Patel

Do you means that ,if you have no USB ., you do not know how to sent data file via MainUART right ??

if yes , pls see the below link :slight_smile:


Hi Stephen,

Thanks. I can now upload files in module. One more question. I want to change bootstrap server URL by AT command for LwM2M client. I have tried with below commands which I found from some reference document but it is giving me ERROR. I have checked AT commands for BG95-M3 but couldn’t found such command. so can you say me about actual commands to configure it?


Bipin Patel