List nearby cell IDs with AT+QENG=0?

We’re looking to do positioning by knowing the nearby cellIDs. However, when we call AT+QENG=0 we always only see one one cell tower. Is it possible to list all nearby cell towers even if the signal is weak?

AT+QENG=0 //query servingcell
AT+QENG=1 //query neighbor_cell

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Hi Herbert, Thanks for the quick response!

Unfortunately, the AT+QENG=1 generates and error, but AT+QENG=0 works just fine. Do you know the reason?

Also, sometimes when the AT+QENG=0 command is issued, we receive the following:
+QENG: 0,6254,3,467,”48CAB3",-102,-6,-96,2,20,”88BF",0,2
+QENG: 1,6254,3,326,-103
+QENG: 1,6254,3,324,-108
+QENG: 1,6254,3,466,-116

Can you help me understand the three lines after the first line?


AT+QENG=0 can output result of AT+QENG=0 AND(OR)AT+QENG=1