Linux USB driver for RM510Q-GL module

I am looking for Linux USB drivers to work RM510Q-GL module. Can anyone point me to the right direction here please.


Assuming you don’t have a very old kernel, your modem should be supported by native drivers.

I am using version 5.10 kernel. What version of the kernel is it supported?

Cheers, Prabhakar

It is supported in 5.10
If the modem is attached to the Linux host show the output of cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices

USB PID for the RM510Q-GL is 0x800 I don’t see this being listed here [0]. Am I missing something here are referring to other kernel branches which is not upstream?

[0] option.c « serial « usb « drivers - kernel/git/stable/linux.git - Linux kernel stable tree

Cheers, Prabhakar

#define QUECTEL_PRODUCT_RM500Q 0x0800

Thanks for pointing that out!

What network manager should be used for cellular modems on Linux? (I am using yocto for my platform)