Linux on SC20 freezes when booting


I have two boards: Quectel EVB with SC20 module (SC20ESA-16GB-UGAD) and custom board with SC20ESA-8GB-STD. Android is working without problems on both boards. When I try to launch Linux, EVB works good, but my custom board freezes 20 seconds after the start.

The board freezes after the following messages in log:
[ 19.046000] wcd-spmi-core msm8x16_wcd_codec-12: ASoC: mux RX3 MIX1 INP3 has no paths
[ 19.053850] wcd-spmi-core msm8x16_wcd_codec-12: ASoC: mux RX2 MIX1 INP3 has no paths

I guess the problem is in the audio subsystem. Could you advise me how to solve this problem?

bootlog.pdf (156.0 KB)

Hi, what is your Linux version ? is it provided by Quectel? The log looks the reset button pressed .


Thanks for the answer.
Linux from here, build according this guide “Quectel_SC20_Linux_Startup_User_Guide_V1.7” with default kernel config.

RESET_N pin keep open. And this problem only with Linux, Android is working fine.

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