Linux GNSS Driver for LG77L via I2C

Hallo :grinning:
i use the module GNSS LG77L in my project via I2C on Linux machine. do you have a Driver for the module LG77L or similar ?
I have ordered LG77L_EVB and I would like to test with it first.

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Dear Sir
Please refer to the attached file. Thanks!
Quectel_L76-L&L96_I2C_Application_Note_V1.1.pdf (936.2 KB)

Ok, thanks!
I was hoping that there are drivers in Linux, but I will test this first
thank you for your feedback.

OK,i will send it to you via email.

thank you very much for your feedback.
i tested LG77L, unfortunately i don’t get I2C address. At the moment, the LG77L firmware is

Release Number:AG3331_AXN5.1.9_MODULE_STD_F5_P3
Model ID:000C
Product Name:Quectel-LG77L

  • Can you please give me the correct and latest firmware for LG77L that supports I2C?
  • how can I switch between UART and i2C? Is it through software (software commands) or hardware solution?

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