License Verify fail - Qmulti - BG95 m3

Hello all,

I need to upgrade the firmware inside BG95 m3 modules however the tools that I have give me a license key failure.

Tools and versions I tried:

  • QMulti_DL_V3.4
  • QFlash_V6.0
  • QFlash_v4.4

For example, when using QMulti_DL the error message after selecting the firmware file is:
“License Verify Fail”

The host pc runs on Windows 10, at this moment I do not have the option to use QFirehose

Support in this is highly appreciated.

Dear DEvalan,

Could you please show your PC ID that i can get the necessary license for you

Or could it be convenient for you to send you email to me? I will share something you need

Thank you for your response Jonathan.
I managed to find a solution but wasn’t able to respond due to time pressure for client product.
We had a really old version call QMulti_DL_CMD v2.7 on a fileserver that allowed us to continue. Further assistance is not needed at this moment.

Thanks for your response, DEvalan.
Any issue is this aspect in the future, please feel free to contact with me!

Best Regards