LG77L 3D-Fix Pin


Im working with a LG77L and using its 3D-Fix Pin, which is connected to a GPIO of my SoC.
I can see the GPIO changes from “0” to “1” and all that so it seems to work in general.
My Problem is that the signal on the 3D-Fix GPIO doesnt match with the output of cgps.

I can monitor in cgps that i have a “stable” 3D-Fix for some time but in the same time I can see the 3D-Fix GPIO changes multiple times between low and high.

My understanding is that the 3D-Fix PIN goes high when the module has a 3D fix.

I dont see anything I could have done wrong :frowning:

Someone has a hint for me?

Hi Hbau,

Generally, fix mode changes from ①no fix →②2D fix( last for 1 or 2 seconds ) → ③3D fix after module get fixed.

In some low signal environment, fix mode may change to 2D fix or even no fix. You can monitor GSA message for verifying.

Best regards.