LG69TAAEK factory reset

The LG69T-AA in my LG69TAAEK development board seems to be stuck in the RTCM3 output mode,
and ignores all input RTCM3 commands.
Can i perform a factory reset or do i need to reflash the firmware together with the NVM settings ?
The installed firmware version was LG69TAAR01A02V02.

Dear Sir

It is recommended to reflash the firmware.
Firmware and upgrade software have been sent to you by email, please check.

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Thanks! The EVK works now as expected.

I do have the same problem and cannot get RTCM output. I guess I need the update FW.

Hi jameshjs,

The latest firmware has been sent to you via private message, please check.

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Thanks meiji,
could you please send me a guide to install FW?

Please check the EVB userguide and fw upgrade tool:
Quectel_LG69T(AA,AD)_EVB_User_Guide_V1.0.0_Peliminary_20210916.pdf (1.7 MB)

I have the exact same problem with my LG69TAAEK evb, where it is stuck in RTCM3 output mode.
It would be much appreciated if someone could send me the latest firmware.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Sir,
Please find attached:
LG69TAANR02A01.zip (1.8 MB)


Hello @Berton.Peng-Q ,

Thank you for firmware.

Unfortunately, it did not solve my issue and evaluation board still stuck in RTCM mode and does not react to any input commands.

Perhaps a newer firmware exists, since this one from 2021-10-22?

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Dear Sir,
That version LG69TAANR02A01 support RTCM format GNSS raw data by default. And now no released RTCM commands to set, please refer to the following protocol doc:
Quectel_LG69T(AA,AB,AD,AI,AJ,AK)_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.0.0_Preliminary_20211126.pdf (670.3 KB)


Dear @Berton.Peng-Q ,

Thank you for clarification.

What I am trying to do is get NMEA output for GNSS and IMU.

However, I was unable to switch from RTCM to NMEA using commands from the document you provided.

Is there NMEA specific firmware?

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Dear Sir,
LG69T AA only has RTCM f/w for now but it plans to support PVT(NMEA)+DR next f/w soon (about 1 month). Please refer to the doc:
Quectel_LG69T_GNSS_Specification_V1.2.pdf (241.0 KB)