LG69TAA not responce

Module LG69TAAMD stopped responding to commands and outputting something. First I tried to change to Scenario 5 to get L2 frequency. I tried all the scenarios, but in the end I did not get the L2 frequency and could not restore the L5. Now all the satellites were only L1, but GLONASS appeared. Then I wanted to use the $PSTMSETCONSTMASK command, but for this I had to switch to the NMEA protocol. And after switching, it stopped working, the green indicator (TX) does not blink. Doesn’t respond to any commands. Now I hope that at least a flashing will help.
Please share the firmware. My version is LG69TAANR02A01V02 (LG69T-EVB-1.5)

Hi @freeExec ,

Please find the firmware through your private message.

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