LG69T AA IMU temperature sensor output in RTCM mode


I would like to know how to get LG69T AA IMU temperature sensor output values in RTCM mode?

Acording to this document, in NMEA output mode IMU temperature can be obtained under sensor ID 24. However, no information about how to obtain temperature values in RTCM mode is provided.
Quectel_LG69T(AA,AD,AI,AJ,AK)_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.0.0_Preliminary_20210910.pdf (650.1 KB)

Do I need a newer firmware or perhaps there is a newer revision of GNSS protocol specification?

The firmware I am using is LG69TAANR02A02.

Thank you in advance.

The IMU data in the RTCM3 mode is embedded into documented message 999 submessage 64 (SENS).

Hi Karolis73,

Sorry, LG69TAA doesn’t support outputing IMU temperature. I will send you latest procotocl document. Hope it will help you.

Best regards.