LG69T-AA hardware revisions

I was using LG69T-AA module hardware revisions Q2-A0435 and Q2-A0695
for the documented RAW and IMU data output.
The most recent revision Q2-A0791 provides IMU data, but the RAW GNSS data is limited in scope. Does it employ the same RF frontend as previous revisions ?

Hi Helg,

I’m not sure about the situation “RAW GNSS data is limited in scope”. Please give me more details. LG69TAA hardware version didn’t change much.

And please confirm the 3 hardwares’ firmware version. Maybe the changes are from software.

You can download QGNSS tool QGNSS. Connect module to the tool. And check firmware version.

Best regards.

Hi Raphael,
my old LG69T-AA (Q2-A0435) modules let me choose between L2 and L5 (B2i and B2a) bands

using RF frontend chip:

The newest LG69T-AA (Q2-A0791) has only IMU without the RF Frontend chip:

The current documentation sheets talk about LG69T-AI (dual RF), LG69T-AJ (IMU), LG69T-AA (looks identical to AJ) and LG69T-AD (most simple module, without dual RF and IMU).
Both old and new modules use the same firmware (AANR02A2), therefore i suppose that the STA5635A RF frontend chip was removed from the new LG69T-AA modules, which will be a substantial hardware modification.

Hi Helg,

I checked latest and past Hardware design for LG69TAA. I didn’t find a illustration for L2/L5 switching. Only LG69T(AI) support L2/L5.

Maybe I need further confirmation. But latest LG69TAA don’t support switching L2/L5 indeed.

Best regards.

Thanks for the L2C/L5 confirmation, it seems that i need to order LG69T-AI
and not LG69T-AA at our local distributer.