Learn "Phone Number" by AT commands

I am newbee in forum.
I have 3 projects based on Quectel M95 gsm module. Usually i am using gprs, sms and voice call.
At one of the projects, i need to know “phone number” of the SIM card. I can access CCID number but it is not enough. I want to send SMS or voice call to this number. How can I learn “phone number” of the sim card by using AT commands.

MSISDN is not stored on the SIM by default. Someone like you or your carrier can save this number in the SIM phonebook, so it could be read later. Please refer to AT+CNUM command description.

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Often the simplest way is to send an SMS to another device you have access to, and know the number of.

If the AT+CNUM command isn’t returning the MSISDN (phone number), try setting phone books to local with AT$QCPBMPREF=1 first. On many modems, the default setting for this Qualcomm command (global = value zero) doesn’t give you access to the Own Numbers phonebook.

The correct place for storage of the MSISDN on the SIM is the first entry of the “Own Numbers” phonebook. If the number isn’t there already, you can write the entry when you know the number. This is where AT+CNUM reads from.

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Thanks for advise. I will try this.