LCD79 Firmware Download/Upgrade Issue

Currently, I am trying to download firmware onto a LCD79D module using GNSSFLashTool V1.9. I am receiving the following error: ErrorCode:15070000 Error:Upgrade firmware data.

If I try to update, I get the following error:ErrorCode:15050303: Firmware upgrade command. Error Note: Firmware upgrade command failed, Check the NMEA port is valid.

How can this issue be resolved?

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Hi, the same issue occurred to me with the LC79DAMD EVB Kit module, with the following error with the Firmware upgrade (GNSSFlashTool_V1.8 and LC79DANR01A05S_BETA0622_UPG)

2020-10-14 03:01:38 2020-10-14 03:01:37 ErrorCode:15050303 Error:Sends firmware upgrade command Error ;Note: Firmware upgrade command failed, Check the NMEA port is valid

The 1PPS LED indicator light has stopped working, previously it was shown in red.

Is it possible to correct this error? Does my module still work with the correct GNSS data?

I appreciate your response.

Dear Sir,
The module won’t be corrupted by the update. You could re-update it.
Make sure your update procedure follows that in the EVB user guide.

Best Regards

Please, it’s the same for me.

how can i solve it?

We appreciate an answer