Lcd Not coming up on msm8937 with ili9881c lcd

I’m using android 9 on msm8937 with sim8905 processor.

I’m trying to bring up lcd interfaced with DSI, the lcd part number is ili9881c and I’ve followed steps mentioned in the Quectel SC60Display Driver DevelopmentGuide which uses ili9881c as an example.

I observe only the backlight is coming up and the lcd remains blank.

These were the logs found:
[ 0.978340] mdss_dsi_parse_dcs_cmds: dtsi cmd=ff error, len=256
[ 0.978355] mdss_dsi_parse_dcs_cmds: failed, key=qcom,mdss-dsi-post-panel-on-command
[ 0.978368] mdss_dsi_parse_dcs_cmds: failed, key=qcom,mdss-dsi-timing-switch-command
[ 0.978376] mdss_dsi_panel_get_dsc_cfg_np: cannot find dsc config node:config0
[ 0.978526] mdss_dsi_parse_dcs_cmds: failed, key=qcom,mdss-dsi-idle-on-command
[ 0.978539] mdss_dsi_parse_dcs_cmds: failed, key=qcom,mdss-dsi-idle-off-command
[ 0.978575] mdss_dsi_parse_panel_features: ulps feature disabled
[ 0.978585] mdss_dsi_parse_panel_features: ulps during suspend feature disabled
[ 0.978595] mdss_dsi_parse_dms_config: dynamic switch feature enabled: 0
[ 0.978622] mdss_dsi_parse_dcs_cmds: failed, key=qcom,mdss-dsi-lp-mode-on
[ 0.978635] mdss_dsi_parse_dcs_cmds: failed, key=qcom,mdss-dsi-lp-mode-off
[ 0.978714] mdss_dsi_get_dt_vreg_data: error reading ulp load. rc=-22
[ 0.978733] mdss_dsi_get_dt_vreg_data: error reading ulp load. rc=-22
[ 0.978932] mdss_dsi_parse_ctrl_params:4170 Unable to read qcom,display-id, data=00000000,len=45
[ 0.978957] mdss_dsi_parse_gpio_params: ext vdd gpio not specified
[ 0.979001] mdss_dsi_retrieve_ctrl_resources: phy_regulator_base=c60d7b80 phy_regulator_size=30
[ 0.979010] mdss_dsi_retrieve_ctrl_resources: ctrl_base=c60bd000 ctrl_size=300 phy_base=c60d5400 phy_size=280
[ 0.979267] dsi_panel_device_register: Continuous splash enabled
[ 0.979537] mdss_register_panel: adding framebuffer device 1a94000.qcom,mdss_dsi_ctrl0
[ 0.980762] mdss_dsi_ctrl_probe: Dsi Ctrl->0 initialized, DSI rev:0x10040002, PHY rev:0x1
[ 0.980837] mdss_dsi_status_init: DSI status check interval:5000
[ 0.981490] mdss_register_panel: adding framebuffer device soc:qcom,mdss_wb_panel
[ 0.982920] mdss_fb_probe: fb0: split_mode:0 left:0 right:0
[ 0.984211] mdss_fb_register: FrameBuffer[0] 800x1280 registered successfully!
[ 0.984799] mdss_fb_probe: fb1: split_mode:0 left:0 right:0
[ 0.985041] mdss_fb_register: FrameBuffer[1] 640x640 registered successfully!
[ 0.985267] mdss_mdp_splash_parse_dt: splash mem child node is not present
[ 0.985567] qcom-sps-dma 7884000.qcom,sps-dma: dma_async_device_register: device has no channels!

What could the issue be are there any changes needed in the dts file?

Hi Sujay,
SIM8905 is not simcom’s Module. Maybe you can get help from

Hi…For your dsi issue, you need to empower nvdisplay@15200000 status to “OK” and you will see the dsi driver begin to test in dmesg.

With respect to your blunder glued in #9, sorry that I am not 100% sure what is happening, but rather for DSI issue, you will not have to change the gpu driver. I think the quickest way of settling it is reestablish the change you have made in your driver/modules.

I can’t find the nvdisplay node in my dts folder. Should I add it separately? Also what blunder are you referring to?