Lc86l standby mode not working

My LC86L can not do standby mode or sleeping mode. Anybody help me how to active. I am not understand.

I try to
gpsSerial.println("$PMTK225,2,0,43200000,0,4320000029\r\n"); // sleep for 12Hours
2B\r\n"); // Normal mode

But not working

Your Settings are wrong,Run Time and Second Run Time are not be set to 0,Before entering periodic mode, make sure the module is in the tracking mode; otherwise, there will be a risk of satellite-tracking failure. If the module operates in a weak signal environment, it is recommended to set a longer Second Run Time to ensure the success of reacquisition.Attached is the reference document
Quectel_L76-LB&L26-LB&LC86L_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.1.pdf (552.1 KB)