LC86L Hardware Reset


What is Hardware reset equal to ? Cold Reset, warm reset or Hot reset
Hardware reset means assert low voltage on reset pin

Yes, Hardware reset means assert low voltage on reset pin.

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but My question is hardware reset is equal with which software reset ?

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Hi mettiblack72
Hardware reset is not the same as a software reset.

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what’s the difference between software & hardware Reset ?

  1. Hardware restart and software command are different. Hardware restart requires pulling down the RESET_N pin for more than 100ms and then pulling up the pin. Software restart only requires sending a command.
  2. After hardware restart, the time from GNSS power-on to positioning is generally longer than the time of software command.
  3. Hardware restart will clear the information in RAM. Please refer to the protocol document to see whether the software command will use the information in RAM.
  4. Hardware restart will restart the boot program to load the hardware and software configuration. The software command is to rerun the software program. For more information about software commands, please refer to the protocol document.
  5. Regarding PMTK_CMD_HOT_START, PMTK_CMD_WARM_START, PMTK_CMD_COLD_START and PMTK_CMD_FULL_COLD_START, please refer to the document “Quectel_LG77L(C)&Lx0&Lx6&LC86L_Series_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V2.2.pdf” for information used during startup. I will send you the document via message.