LC86L GPS Data not receiving using Internal patch Antenna

I am using LC86L Module in our project, When I try to receive the GNSS NMEA Data using Internal patch antenna, I am unable to receive Latitude and Longitude data. I have attached a small log related to GPS Data

I request you to please provide me the solution for the below questions

  1. Do you have any solution on How to receive the GPS Data using Internal patch Antenna ?
  2. Can you recommend any antennas for LC86L with maximum signal power ?

Thanks in advance
G Saicharan

Hi G Saicharan,

Answer to Question-1:

  1. When no external active antenna is applied, the module will use its internal patch antenna by default. From your attached log, “$GPTXT,01,01,02,ANTSTATUS=OK*3B” means the antenna is functioning well.
    Could you please confirm your test environment is open sky where GNSS signals can reach the module without obstacles?

  2. Could you please provide your firmware version? You can check it with the command below:

Answer to Question-2:

  1. In order to get higher signal level, an active antenna (with LNA) is recommended. For detailed information and reference design, please check “5.2 External Antenna Design” from the attached Hardware Design.

Best regards,
Quectel_LC86L_Hardware_Design V1.2.pdf (1.2 MB)